4 Practical Uses for the Privy Pouch

4 Practical Uses for the Privy Pouch

It’s happened to everybody — you’re in a situation where the sudden and urgent need to answer nature’s call arises, and there isn’t a bathroom close at hand. At that point, you’re faced with limited options — you either try uncomfortably to hold it, have an accident, or worse. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry any longer with Privy Pouch, your own personal, portable urinal! Here are four practical uses for this game-changing portable toilet solution!

Long Car Rides With the Kids

It’s bad enough having to go when you’re stuck in the car, but it’s even worse when the one in need is a child. When you’re on a long car ride and there are no rest stops on the horizon, Privy Pouch can come to the rescue. It’s easy to use and sanitary, so no more messes in the car when the need is urgent.

Limited Access to Public Restrooms

For whatever reason, when there is limited access to public restrooms, that’s when the need to go to the bathroom strikes. When you find yourself in a situation where there are limited or no public restrooms available, Privy Pouch can provide quick, easy relief. 

Discrete Relief While Hiking

While it may be tempting to take advantage of the natural splendor and majesty of nature and let loose out in the wild, there’s always the chance that you could accidentally find yourself in an uncomfortable situation when you need to relieve yourself outdoors. Instead of marking your territory the old-fashioned way, find discrete relief with a Privy Pouch when out on the hiking trails.

Crowded Events

The bathroom situation at crowded events is always hit or miss. More often than not, if you need to use the restroom, it means standing in a long line and hoping for the best. When the need is pressing and you can’t wait in line, Privy Pouch provides sanitary, discreet relief.

The Privy Pouch is your all-in-one portable urinal that includes two apparatus for all genders, disposable bags, sanitary wipes, and more, so you can find easy relief and get back to your life. Shop online now and stay prepared!

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